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Microsoft’s Your Phone companion app hits a milestone, becomes the #1 top free app on Google Play Store

Microsoft’s Your Phone companion app hits a milestone, becomes the #1 top free app on Google Play Store

One of Microsoft’s apps has just reached a new milestone. As announced by Microsoft PM Vishnu Nath, the Your Phone Companion app on Android has become the number one top free app on the Google Play Store. It has surpassed the popularity of other apps such as Facebook Messenger, TikTok, Instagram, or CashApp and is still holding strong at the top at the time of writing.

The milestone is quite important, as since its announcement in May of 2018, the Your Phone experience has come a far way. Your Phone originally became part of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update and slowly picked up many features over the past year. Additionally, it allows Windows 10 users with Android phones to enjoy similar synergies seen in Apple’s iOS and MacOS ecosystems.

From syncing text messages, the ability to access recent photos as well as the ability to mirror Android apps to Windows 10 PCs, the Your Phone Android companion app is amazing. Microsoft is always tweaking it and is even working on an ability to bring phone calls from an Android device over to a Windows 10 PC. Smaller details such as a battery indicator, as well as an ability to sync wallpapers have also made the app a bit more feature complete.

While some may find it shocking, this is not new ground for Microsoft. Previously, around this time last year, the app was top trending in the Google Play Store. The Microsoft Edge app on Android also hit 1 million downloads. As Microsoft prepares to launch its own Android dual screen device, the Surface Duo, the app will only likely become more popular and remain a key part of the Microsoft ecosystem in the future.

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